How Media Prima Octupled (!) Post-production Output


Projective and local technology provider IPSB Technology future-proof Malaysian broadcasters’ workflows

IPSB Technology is Projective’s partner in Malaysia. They deliver solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry, including digital media, OTT requirements, big data infrastructure and media workflows. 

Amongst their prestigious clients, is Media Prima Berhad, Malaysia’s largest and leading integrated media company. With a complete repertoire of media-related businesses in television, print, radio, out-of-home advertising, content creation, commerce and digital media, they are also the nation’s most popular TV provider offering four linear channels — TV3, 8TV, ntv7, and TV9. 

Media Prima produces a wide range of entertainment shows, local and Asian dramas, religious programmes, home-shopping experiences and a variety of productions for all audiences. Media Prima Television Networks also streams all of its original content for free on multiple digital platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and their own OTT channel tonton. 

With a large in-house post-production team, an aging Production Asset Management (PAM) system and a busy production schedule, Media Prima needed a flexible and future-proof asset management and collaboration platform. They engaged their long-term partner IPSB Technology to supply them with a solution that empowered Media Prima’s post-production team to focus on their creative work while meeting production demands.


  • Previous PAM was obsolete, providing only inflexible, OS-dependent ‘thick’ clients 
  • Need to integrate with Adobe® Premiere Pro
  • Unstructured access to assets within Dell Isilon storage 
  • Error-prone, manual review & approval process 
  • No proxy preview for archived content led to inefficient content retrieval


  • Strawberry by Projective is OS, storage and editor agnostic, with browser-based UI 
  • Industry-leading integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Granular access to production storage based on project permissions
  • Automated and efficient review & approval process
  • Proxy preview for archived files makes it easier to find content

THE CHALLENGE: Future-Proofing Post-Production Workflows

Media Prima‘s existing production management system (PAM) had become obsolete, lacking additional development and support for newer versions of Mac OS. With daily issues that ranged from lack of access control to their Dell Isilon, to poor review and approval processes, they reached out to technology provider IPSB to help them modernize and future-proof their production workflows. 

Strawberry by Projective fulfilled all of the workflows and functionality of the previous PAM, addressing the challenges Media Prima encountered on a daily basis and introducing additional functionality. 

THE SOLUTION: Highly Streamlined Production Management

IPSB demonstrated that Strawberry meets all of Media Prima’s requirements for their post-production workflows.


Browser-based user interface that can run on any operating system, addressing Media Prima’s main challenge.

01 browser based
02 storage

Seamless integration with Media Prima’s existing Dell Isilon production storage.

User panel within Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to access Strawberry projects and files within the editing tool.

03 premiere panel
04 controlled access

Automated project creation, with correct permissions, structure and rich metadata for each project type, eliminating uncontrolled access to assets within the production storage.

Repurposing of assets between projects without creating copies, removing previous file duplication and accidental deletion.

05 reprposing assets
01a proxy

Automated proxy creation makes it easy to browse content within the primary storage as well as identify and restore archived projects.

Robust notification system allows users to track status of their projects, e.g. archival and restoring of assets.

07 notification system
08 file sharing

Easy file sharing between users enhances collaboration.

Highly streamlined review & approval process, fully integrated into project workflow.

02e review approval



Feedback from Media Prima’s post-production team on Strawberry’s performance and flexibility has been overwhelmingly positive. Users have consistently praised the platform for its easy-to-use, intuitive interface. They specifically like the ability to preview, annotate and comment directly within the application. This has highly streamlined their collaboration workflow, eliminating the need for cumbersome external tools or additional steps. The entire production process from ingest to archive has been highly simplified.

But ultimately, saving time and increased efficiency is what matters most to any company today, and Media Prima has experienced an eightfold efficiency increase since the implementation of Strawberry.

Thanks to the platform’s collaboration capabilities, production speed has increased, project management is optimized and manual processes highly reduced. The team has also seen significant elimination of file duplication and accidental deletion, resulting in better storage usage.

PROJECTIVE & IPSB: The Importance of Local Partners

Key to the project’s success has been the collaboration between Projective and our local partner in Malaysia, IPSB Technology. The IPSB team, fully trained to support Projective’s customers in Malaysia, helped deliver the Strawberry platform to Media Prima and onboarded around 50 users. 

Thanks to our close partnership, Projective clients in Malaysia can benefit from operational and technical support in their local language, within their own timezone.


Having implemented the solution in 2022, IPSB is helping the Media Prima team continue to look for new ways of leveraging the Strawberry platform. Discussions have included potential improvements such as enabling remote editing with Strawberry Skies for hybrid cloud workflows, as well as implementing the proactive file deduplication service to maximize storage utilization. 

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