True Cloud Post-Production
Strawberry Skies gives you the freedom to collaborate on creative projects in real-time, using any application, securely and flexibly, from anywhere.

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02 avid
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Your content,
thoroughly protected

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Find what you need,
when you need it

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Intuitive tools
for creatives

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Quotas, project templates
and more

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Redefine Teamwork

Harness the power of the cloud with Strawberry Skies and synchronize your workflows across diverse teams and tools, including review & approval for enhanced creativity and productivity. Spend less time setting up and more time creating engaging content!


Revolutionize Your Workflow

Our cloud-first post-production project framework is designed for seamless real-time collaboration across all creative applications including Adobe, Avid and Resolve. With powerful features such as bin-locking and integrated Adobe panels, you’ll deliver your content in no time.

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You're in Control

Enhanced access control and automated project structure gives you a tighter handle on your cloud storage. Granular permissions, quota settings, and project metadata ensure your creative projects run smoothly and you get the most for your cloud investment.


Safeguard Your Content

Designed with freelancers and external stakeholders in mind, our state-of-the-art security measures (including extensive SSO, credential rotation and more) provide peace of mind that your data is available to those who need it and invisible to those who don't.

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A Window into Your Media

Project-oriented asset management allows you to locate content across all and any project, streamlining access to your assets. A wide range of video, audio, graphic and print media files are automatically indexed within Strawberry Skies. All in one place!

Breathe Life into Your Archive

Your archive doesn't have to be a black hole. With Skies, archived assets and projects are just as visible as the primary content. The result is an archive that works for the creative team, reducing reshoots, optimizing storage spend, and accelerating production.

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Skies is a Global Collaboration Platform designed and built
for everyone involved in the creative process

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More to Come!

This is only the beginning! You’ll soon benefit from speech-to-text transcription for enriched search from your editing application of choice, multi-site connectivity that bridges the gap between on-premises and cloud systems and much more. Keep coming back for updates.