Strawberry’s tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC greatly improves collaborative workflows among artists, producers, and clients.

Archiware P5

The Strawberry Archiware Connector is a preset integration between Strawberry and P5 that enables customers using Strawberry to easily archive and retrieve their editing projects to P5 archive plans.


Strawberry enables Avid-style bin locking for your existing storage and adds great workflow & collaboration features on top. Speed up your production and empower your team.

Object Matrix

The combination of MaxtriStore and Strawberry enables media companies to organize their media libraries, whilst being able to easily migrate assets to and from MatrixStore object storage.


Strawberry’s Communications System seamlessly connects into SLACK ®, the industry-leading collaboration hub. This integration links Strawberry’s project-based communication into the broader corporate channels of SLACK.