Transforming Media Production with Global Accessibility: TUI’s Journey with Projective

Transforming Media Production with Global Accessibility: TUI’s Journey with Projective
Empowering Creative Users to Create Engaging Content From Anywhere

TUI Group leads the global leisure, travel, and tourism industry, known for its diverse portfolio spanning airlines, hotels, cruise ships, and travel agencies, the company serves around 27 million customers and operates in over 180 countries. Central to TUI’s mission is delivering exceptional travel experiences while prioritizing sustainability across their operations, including content creation. TUI’s Western Region, which consists of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, was looking for a technology solution that streamlined their content production and enabled their move to the cloud while reducing environmental impact. Strawberry Skies by Projective checked all the right boxes.


  • Scattered data was hard to access and manage
  • Limited collaboration among content creation teams
  • Environmental impact from resource-intensive on-premises systems
  • Lack of scalability due to rapid growth
  • High operational costs from inefficient content management


  • Collaboration beyond borders in real-time across locations
  • Global accessibility through the cloud
  • Efficiency and speed, reducing time-to-market
  • Seamless integration with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Limitless scalability and robust security
  • A greener tomorrow: eco-friendly solution that aligns with corporate strategy

Journey to the Cloud

TUI is on a strategic path to harness the full benefits and efficiencies of transitioning to the cloud, encompassing mobility, scalability, security, and collaboration. The Western Region’s graphic design team is geographically split, their production systems used on-premises infrastructure, and their content and data decentralized. Collaboration was difficult and content creation slow and inefficient.

As part of the “TUI2Cloud” program, the project team started to look for a SaaS solution that addressed all these challenges. They needed a solution that integrated well with the Adobe Creative suite, was quick to implement and easy to learn.
TUI had difficulty finding a market solution that fulfilled all their needs and provided efficient video file performance… until they witnessed a demo of Strawberry Skies, which met every requirement on their list.

“We’re not an IT company – we want off-the-shelf solutions that work. Skies enables us to focus on our core mission: delivering unforgettable holidays”.

Süheyl Karakas, Project Manager, TUI

Light Speed Production

After a highly successful Proof of Concept, the TUI Western Region team implemented Strawberry Skies. The solution, which is hosted in the cloud with Skies Drive – powered by LucidLink, has freed TUI’s creative teams from the shackles of on-premises infrastructure. 

Crews shooting in faraway locations can now easily sync content to shared cloud storage from their hotel, eliminating the need to travel with physical drives. The editorial team can start working with freshly shot content right away, approval cycles are extremely fast, promos and campaigns can be delivered to travel shops and TV in a fraction of the time. The efficiency increase has been tremendous.

“During the POC, we saw that the Projective team shared our values: being open, transparent, showing trust and quickly providing answers to our needs. We have the same DNA.”

Bart Saerens, Solution Architect, TUI

Travel Essentials

According to the project team, the TUI Cloud Collaboration Platform, as Skies has been named internally, has delivered a long list of benefits to their operations. Here’s a few:

  • No more geographical constraints, fostering creativity without boundaries.
  • Work from anywhere, at any time, with local-like speed, from the cloud.  
  • No more data loss during location shoots. The crew can focus on creating compelling content that beats the competition. 
  • Improved business continuity, without unexpected disruptions.
  • Unmatched version control: everyone works on the latest files, ensuring project consistency and accuracy.
  • Limitless scalability: effortless cloud scale without the hardware headaches.
  • Predictable subscription-based pricing, without the costly hardware maintenance.  
  • Robust security: top-tier data encryption and access controls, ensuring content stays with the right teams.
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator.

All with smooth video performance from the cloud. 

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“The Projective solution has enabled TUI to be very cost efficient and have a more aggressive marketing strategy.”

Bart Saerens, Solution Architect, TUI

Bright Skies ahead

Ultimately, Strawberry Skies has empowered TUI to create speedier marketing campaigns, with streamlined workflows, instant access to assets, and real-time collaboration. TUI’s marketing teams can respond swiftly to market trends, whether it’s a last-minute flash sale or a seasonal promotion. And all that underpinned by TUI’s eco-friendly approach, with a cloud solution that only consumes the power and resources it requires at any given time.

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