Beyond Video: Discover Strawberry’s Versatility for Creative Collaboration


Discover Strawberry’s Versatility for Creative Collaboration

By Derek Barrilleaux, CEO, Projective

One of the many aspects I enjoy about working in the creative technology industry is how our users constantly surprise me with innovative applications of our tools. I love the unique use cases that come up and that feeling when your eyes open up to an innovative solution. We’ve seen this happen a couple of times recently: ideas that perhaps we should have thought of ourselves – and maybe I shouldn’t admit this as the CEO of the company! Regardless, such ingenuity inspired me to put a few words in a blog: hopefully you’ll feel inspired too!


One major film studio in the UK selected Strawberry for an audio-only workflow (what, no video?). We’ve always touted the fact that you can use Strawberry as a common framework for both video and other creative applications like audio, but it never occurred to me (tut, tut!) that audio production faces the same issues around workspace management, access control, structure, and consistency that video production brings. 

This particular studio has several Avid Pro Tools suites for localization in multiple languages: they constantly run into complications to try and maintain a consistent structure and handle access across different sessions. As a result, managing the flow of media through the facility had become a headache. 

In the past, they’ve approached this task with a hodgepodge of manual interventions and scripts, but when the business needs to scale, the band-aid approach breaks down and gets in the way of producing at high velocity. Strawberry has enabled this customer to gain much-needed efficiency and scale by providing a consistent framework and vital automation.


Another Projective customer, one of the world’s leading tourism groups, engaged with us for their video production needs. However, as we discovered during implementation, the lion’s share of their work is actually producing brochures, graphics, and fixed asset content. 

Watching their users leverage Strawberry’s browser interface for its search (“Wait, you can scrub through layers of a PDF in a browser?!?”), and review & approval features have been pure joy. And, of course, they need the same structure and guardrails on their day-to-day workflows as video production requires. Additionally, our framework has enabled this client to move processes away from physical data centers into the cloud, something that they could have simply not achieved with their previous technology. Cost savings are immense if only in terms of real estate and management. Plus Strawberry has empowered them to collaborate globally, in an organized manner, across all of their applications.


Are you still using homemade scripts and manual processes as part of your production workflows? You know too well that this creates extra support work when it comes to scaling the business or changing your processes. It’s time to implement a more efficient approach – Strawberry will help you automate, bringing the flexibility that your business needs to grow.

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So for our current customers who may not have considered incorporating video-adjacent workflows to their production platform, let’s explore how we can help unify the entire production. We’ll tell you if Projective is not a fit, however, we’ve seen that, with a bit of lateral thinking, there are real benefits to applying the Strawberry project framework across multiple applications.

Click here to discuss your beyond-video workflows and stay tuned as we look to publish detailed case studies.