Overwhelmed with the flood of incoming content? Overloading your MAM with never-used raw footage? Having trouble integrating post-production with broader functions? Strawberry can help you. Set up a limitless amount of ingest watch folders and let Strawberry take care of the ingest into the shared storage & metadata extraction process. Strawberry also creates proxies from incoming media automatically, so your team always knows what they are looking at. Purging unused rushes afterward becomes a snap.


Ingest Watch Folders are the simplest way to ingest media content into Strawberry. Admins can define ingest watch folders on the storage and link them to specific Strawberry projects. Once a file gets ingested via this feature, Strawberry instantly triggers the creation of a proxy file and makes the file itself searchable und usable within the Strawberry applications.


The External Watchfolder feature enables Strawberry-customers to index metadata and create proxies from assets that are not located on the primary Strawberry-managed storage. This external storage could be existing archive storage, a transfer folder or even an Avid Nexis file system. Simply point Strawberry to a folder on the external storage and Strawberry will index all of its content right away.


When configuring Strawberry watchfolders for Ingest, Administrators can granularly decide how often asset ingest jobs should run and what kind of file integrity check should be performed on them. Defining encoding priorities ensures, that assets from a specific ingest watchfolder are pushed to the top of the proxy encoding queue, making sure that time-critical content gets preferred.