Strawberry 6.4 Enables Structure in Post-Production

The post-production industry is going through an unprecedented digital transformation. Remote work created challenges, and now the return to the office has created challenges on top of those challenges. We at Projective see this as an opportunity to fundamentally improve how professional post-production happens. This is why we develop Strawberry. Based on the learnings from hundreds of our prestigious customers, we've developed a new version of Strawberry - Strawberry 6.4.

Whether it’s on-site, hybrid or multi-site environment Strawberry provides a platform that enables structure at scale in post-production. Strawberry 6.4: it is a product that saves editors hours of time while making remote collaboration secure and cost-effective.

Improved Remote Editing Workflows

Strawberry 6.4 introduces exciting updates to the remote editing workflow. It is now possible to download & import either the original hi-res or editing proxy versions of entire Adobe Premiere Pro sequences and projects. In addition, our remote editing panel is now also available for Adobe After Effects, so your graphics teams are also able to benefit. 

Drag & Drop Uploads & Downloads

Getting media into Strawberry has never been easier! Users can upload new content into Projects and Galleries simply by dragging and dropping it into their web browser. Skies users can now download HiRes versions of media assets. Once files have been uploaded, Strawberry automatically generates streaming proxies as well as editing proxies, making the content available for sharing, tagging & (remote-)editing. Additionally, Skies users can now download HiRes versions of media assets. 

All-New Gallery Features

Galleries are the heart of Strawberry's review & approval workflows. Strawberry 6.4 adds new features that make approval workflows more streamlined. Gallery managers can now assign dedicated Approvers to each gallery. Users who are approvers have the ability to approve or reject Gallery submissions. Additionally, Gallery managers have useful tools for structuring these curated spaces.

Updated Proxy Encoder

Strawberry’s proxy encoding framework now supports GPU encoding through NVENC, Nvidia’s hardware encoding technology.  Strawberry customers can put one or more supported GPUs into their servers to vastly speed up proxy encoding. Additionally, Strawberry now also supports proxy creation of Blackmagic RAW footage.

Time Ranged Search

Strawberry 6.4 introduces ranged searches, enabling users to search for projects and media assets that have been created or modified within a specific date range.  This allows for more granularity when searching for projects, Galleries & media assets.

Updated Archive Integrations

The Archive Connector of Strawberry 6.4 comes with brand new API integration into Pixit’s ngenea product, enabling Strawberry to archive and restore projects and assets directly through ngenea’s REST API. Additionally, we have updated our archive API integration to support the Telestream Kumulate product.

New Admin Features

Strawberry now keeps track of when a user has last logged into the system, enabling admins to monitor activity and keep better control over Skies subscriptions.  Additionally, the Strawberry admin panel now lets you monitor the Skies traffic consumption across your organization.

The user list now also displays if a user’s account has been created within Strawberry, or if it’s originated from an LDAP or Active Directory. 

Admins can now enable users to change the metadata of projects and assets, even if these users have read-only access to that content. This allows for workflows where producers can tag and annotate content without the ability to physically modify it.

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