STRAWBERRY 6.0 now shipping!


SKIES is a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines the accessibility and ubiquity of cloud storage resources with the access control and collaboration features you already know from Strawberry.  SKIES provides content security by design, making sure that users can safely utilize Strawberry’s award-winning collaboration features from any place in the world.

Galleries | Unified Approval Workflows

Approvals take a lot of time and are full of roadblocks. Getting draft versions to the right people, maintaining security on that content, getting feedback to the creative team, tracking/utilizing that feedback, all of these steps are a pain today. And the pain is repeated for every iteration. The Galleries feature of Strawberry 6 lets you easily curate galleries that can be shared with anyone inside or even outside of your organization. Simply create a gallery, brand it with your client’s logo and add the media you want your client to see. Your client can access the gallery content from the second you click “invite” and can start to give feedback immediately. 

Asset Expiration

Have you ever finished your editing masterpiece only to find out that the rights to one particular piece of footage have expired? Back to the drawing board? Never again. Strawberry’s new Asset Expiration feature empowers editors and media managers to know about these limitations before they import it into their project.  The best part? It’s included in the Communications System in Strawberry, so if you have it, just update to the latest version of Strawberry. If not, it’s easy to activate. Call today for a demo.

PDF File Previews

Storyboards & scripts are often provided in the form of PDF files. Strawberry 6 enables production staff and editors need to quickly access these files without getting interrupted in their flow of work. 

Metadata Sets for Media Assets

Following the beloved feature that already is available for Strawberry-managed projects, Strawberry 6 now also supports “Custo Metadata Sets” for media assets. This feature allows for more flexibility and granularity, especially in Gallery approval workflows.

High-Quality Proxy Files

Proxy Encoding

Strawberry 6 increases the visual quality of streamable proxy previews by introducing variable proxy bitrates (VBR). This change will ensure that all new proxy files will be ready for approval workflows via the SKIES cloud infrastructure.

Updated User Interface

Strawberry 6 introduces a number of “Quality of Life” improvements to its user interface. Proxy thumbnail overlays now indicate what kind of metadata an asset has, parent- and subprojects are shown inside a dedicated tab and the UI now scales & looks better on 4k displays.

Support for Adobe CC 2020

Strawberry 6 introduces support for the Adobe®  Creative Cloud® 2012 product family, enabling Adobe® Premiere Pro®  CC 2020 and Adobe® After Effects® CC 2020 users to take full advantage of the state-of-the-art integration of Strawberry into Adobe Creative Cloud.

Support for macOS Catalina

We are happy to announce official support for macOS 10.15! If you are already using Catalina or plan to upgrade your mac’s soon, please make sure to upgrade to the latest Strawberry version first,