STRAWBERRY 5.4 now shipping!

We are proud to announce the availability of Strawberry 5.4. The new release optimizes team communication, as well as review & approval workflows. To achieve this goal we developed an entirely new Communications System that allows Strawberry users to discuss and share their ideas on various content levels, from entire projects down to a single frame. On top of that, we redesigned Strawberry's search interface to make it even more intuitive and introduced new asset metadata and proxy file features.


In today's fast-paced digital media workflows, many productions struggle with content-focused communication. Discussions and ideas are usually spread over various email chains, chat applications & even online video platforms. Inefficient communication eats up significant chunks of time and naturally results in errors and frustration.

Imagine how much time you could save, simply by keeping communication content-focused across all of your projects, media assets and even frames- making sure that collaborators receive feedback immediately and in a structured way. This is what Strawberry’s new Communication System is all about! It simplifies interactions between users, keeping everybody up to date about their Strawberry-managed projects, assets and workflow tasks. You can subscribe to receive notifications in your personal notification feed that you can tailor according to your needs.

You can select Auto-Subscribe, in order for STRAWBERRY to automatically keep you informed about all your related projects and assets. With the new Communications System, you can also mention colleagues and clients in comments & annotations, so they get notified individually. This feature works directly in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, as well as with PREDITOR, Strawberry’s web-based rough cut editing tool. You can even start a discussion by inviting more people to a conversation. Each of these comments becomes searchable.

The Communications System comes with a global event log for administrators. The log saves every single user-content-interaction, allowing admins to easily control system activity. Strawberry even integrates with Slack, so that the broader team can also communicate with the creative team on their projects.


STRAWBERRY is now equipped with Search Tabs that you will recognize from common web browsers. They allow editors to save searches in a tab for easy reference. Each search tab allows individual searches and you can switch between tabs. They even remember what has been entered before and will automatically return to their last stage when log-in to STRAWBERRY again.

The updated, advanced search provides you with new quick-filters. You can filter projects by location, creation & modification time as well as work-in-progress status, making even complex searches a snap.


Strawberry’s Project-Based Metadata and Contextual search fit well with work-in-progress workflows. But we know that sometimes it is helpful to tag an individual asset independent of any project. For that reason, Strawberry now supports Asset-Based Custom Metadata - allowing you to define particular drop-down & text input fields for all of your asset. Use cases include expiration dates for media or approval status.

With smart usage of the asset-based metadata, productions have one more tool to increase efficiency.


Proxy files created with Strawberry 5.4 now include all the individual audio tracks from their high-res media asset. This enables web users to switch in-between individual audio-tracks on the fly or listen to the mixdown version.