SBS Australia chooses Projective to boost collaboration in their editing department

Australian public broadcaster Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) implements FlavourSys Strawberry to streamline workflows and collaboration.

FlavourSys, an independent software company delivering products designed to improve the day-to-day workflow of any content production company, today announced that Australian public broadcaster SBS chose FlavourSys Strawberry, a production asset management application, to improve their workflow among their numerous editors and creative teams.

By switching to EMC® Isilon®, as their new storage system, SBS realized they needed an additional layer of asset management to improve their editing project workflows and enable asset and project sharing. Strawberry software was the right choice, as it integrated seamlessly with their Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications.

“We had a MAM in place already for the broader organization, but the creative team needed a more flexible toolkit so that they could focus on creativity in their editing projects rather than storage administration. Also, we wanted to make sure the Isilon storage isn’t filled with a lot of duplication”, said Noel Leslie, Chief Technology Officer at SBS. “Strawberry addressed both of these concerns and has been instantly adopted by our editors.”

Ahead of a testing phase SBS Creative Services Group and the SBS Production Team defined 36 key criteria that a Production Asset Management system needed to provide in order to do the job for them. These criteria included for example tight integration with Adobe® Premiere® and Adobe® After Effects® including metadata exchange, browser-based annotation and logging, sharing of assets and projects to maximize storage utilization and archival of finished projects and assets to cheaper storage.

“The fact that we addressed 33 of SBS’s criteria out of the box validates our core value: that we can help broadcasters evolve their post production workflows. And we’re excited to move forward with the talented team at SBS”, mentioned Derek Barrilleaux, Vice President of Global Sales. “Our local partner Intraware has done a great job as well working with the team on a daily basis, providing onsite support for the Proof of Concept (POC) to allow for a smooth integration.”

About SBS

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online and television network. SBS operates four TV channels and five radio stations. SBS Online ( is home to SBS On Demand video streaming service. For more information go to

About FlavourSys

FlavourSys is an independent company founded on the principle of delivering innovative software products designed to improve the day-to-day workflow of any content production company. Strawberry was created by editors for editors with independence, efficiency and flexibility in mind. Recipient of the 2011 IBC Broadcast Engineering Award, Strawberry originated as in-house software created in a live production environment at a German Television facility. Thus the requirements of stability and reliability were also ingrained in the product from inception. For more information about FlavourSys solutions, visit or connect with FlavourSys on Facebook.