Come see us at IBC 2018 – 8.E33

We are excited to introduce our latest version of STRAWBERRY (v. 5.6) that includes a number of new features to help make any video post-production workflow smoother and more efficient.

Visual Highlighting

An all-new “drawing tool” helps to effectively highlight specific areas within a shot. The visual feedback can then be used for all kinds of tasks, including visual effects changes and corrections in color grading.


Stronger Adobe CC Integration

The new Visual Highlighting function in combination with Strawberry’s Communications System makes the integration into the Adobe CC video tools even more valuable; speeding up approval workflows.


Task Completion

Once the artist has performed the desired changes, the task can be marked as completed. This lets producers and clients know what has been taking care of and what is still in progress.


Slack Integration

Seamless integration into the industry leading collaboration hub allows for efficient approval workflows, content-focused discussions within the entire production team, as well as real-time system & task monitoring for Administrators.


Archive Optimization 

While Strawberry has always prevented duplicated content on the shared storage, version 5.6 is now offering file analysis to determine the physical uniqueness of archived content, keeping the archive organized and clean just like the production storage.


Marker Import for Avid Media Composer

Strawberry 5.6 enables Avid users to import markers into Media Composer as XML files. Strawberry feedback can be directly imported into and viewed from the Media Composer suite saving valuable time in the feedback process.


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