STRAWBERRY 6.2 has been released!

Given the need for social distancing, media productions are looking for flexible and cost-effective ways to enable editors, producers, and stakeholders to work from home. With Strawberry 6.0, we have introduced the Skies cloud infrastructure, which allows our customers to access Strawberry key features from home, or really anywhere in the world. With the latest version 6.2 update, we have expanded those cloud workflows to include powerful remote editing. In addition to that, we have also improved some of the long-standing core features of our PAM. Strawberry 6.2 is the first Strawberry version that enables a single editor to open multiple projects simultaneously without the need for subprojects. In addition to that, we have updated our search engine to be more granular and have also added support for the new “Adobe Productions” feature.

Cloud-driven Remote Video Editing

Media productions have attempted to address remote video editing in many different ways. From VPN, to upload portals, to remote desktops, to shipping hard drives to editors--all to varying degrees of success. We at Projective have created a much better remote editing workflow, enabling your team to edit from home efficiently… or really anywhere in the world... and save a lot of time. Our Premiere-based remote editing workflow utilizes the Skies cloud infrastructure in combination with proxies that are built explicitly for remote editing. These editing proxies are generated by Strawberry and are structurally equivalent to editing proxies created by Adobe Premiere Pro, making for a fast and efficient remote editing experience!

Multiple Open Projects

With Strawberry 6.2, users can open multiple projects at the same time. (Nothing like a descriptive feature title!) The standard project/subproject logic can still be used if desired but is no longer mandatory. This frees up the creative team to have more flexible productions and alternative project structures. 

Updated Search Engine

Strawberry’s search engine has always been lightning fast. With version 6.2, we have introduced new search features, enabling deep metadata searches and allowing for more complex search operations across projects and media assets. This helps editors find their assets and projects more quickly.

“Same as Source” Proxy Preset

Strawberry 6.2 offers a new proxy encoding preset called “Same as Source”. When enabled, all new proxy files will have the same resolutions as their HighRes counterparts. The “Same as Source” preset is recommended when Strawberry is used for approval workflows and remote editing.

Support for “Adobe Productions”

Strawberry now supports "Adobe Productions”, a flexible and highly scalable framework for sharing projects & assets within Premiere Pro. Strawberry pairs perfectly with Productions by ensuring that the Production itself and the media within are searchable, centrally managed & secured.

Bulk-Downloads & Imports

Strawberry 6.2 enables users to bulk-download proxy files straight from the web browser & remote editors connected via the Skies Adobe panel can now import the contents of entire folders into their Premiere projects as editing proxies.

Active Directory Security Groups

Strawberry AD module can now filter users which are members of Active Directory or LDAP security groups.

Support for CentOS 8 and RHEL 8

The latest version of Strawberry comes with supports CentOS 8 and Red Hat Enterprise 8.  On top of that, we have updated Ruby, NGINX, and many other dependencies.