STRAWBERRY helps Doner to create “Audacious Things for Ambitious Brands”


Branding today requires a lot more than just a great advertisement or snappy slogans. Consumers are no longer passive viewers, and companies require innovative, interactive approaches to differentiate and establish their brand. With this mission in mind, Doner creates brand ideas that start conversations, infect cultures and disrupt norms, claiming to make “Audacious Things for Ambitious Brands”.

Founded in 1937, Doner has been one of the most iconic US advertising agencies building internationally renowned brands like Dodge, Jeep, Netflix, Mc Donald’s, Smithfield, JBL, to name a few. Not resting on the laurels of 80 years of success, Doner has been transforming itself to be ready for this new era of brand communication; realigning everything from creative talent to strategic processes and production capabilities accordingly. Managing this transition across offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, London and Cleveland Steve Kennedy, VP Director of Engineering, needs to work with technology partners that can grow and adapt as Doner.

"With the Srawberry workflow, several different people can work on the same footage for the same spot simultane- ously from any software. That gives our editors great flexibility to use the application they feel is best to complete the job while working from the SAN."

Steve Kennedy, VP Director of Engineering at Doner


Doner produces a large and diverse array of content, everything from broadcast to social media, sales videos to new business pitch videos and more; all of which involve large amounts of new assets and existing motion content. Doner’s creative team produces on many creative platforms, primarily Adobe® Creative Cloud® Master Edition as well as Avid® Media Composer®, but also on Autodesk® Flame®, Maxon® Cinema 4D® and DaVinci® Resolve®. In addition to that, there are several Avid® ProTools® audio seats in the production mix.

With this in mind, the challenge was not only to find storage that could support 26 edit stations and 18 laptops but also find the right Production Asset Management (PAM) software. They needed a workflow tool that would enable them to easily share content rather than copy it, and provide powerful search capabilities to eliminate wasted time spent looking for assets on the shared storage. Plus, the solution needed to be user-friendly and easy to learn.

Doner found all of these requirements met by STRAWBERRY. FlavourSys' project-based Production Asset Management application



STRAWBERRY has been implemented in the Detroit and L.A. offices thus far, both in combination with ScaleLogic Genesis storage and the HyperFS file system. With possible plans to roll it out in the other offices as well.




"Our editors not only appreciate to have the freedom of choice in the software tool they use, but also how easy it was to learn Strawberry. Most of the team had it down in a session or two."

The advertising industry is evolving at break- neck pace, and agency IT teams need to keep up with growing amounts of assets and the ever-changing demands of internal stakeholders and clients. With STRAWBERRY, Doner has a scalable platform that a) gives them flexibility now and in the future, and b) is intuitive and easily adopted by their video production team.



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