Please use the tabs below to see the changelog of the respective Strawberry component.

Strawberry 6.2.7

2021-07-30 | Improvements

  • Updated: MMP gem to version 0.1.2

Strawberry 6.2.6

2021-06-24 | New Features | Bug Fixes

  • New: Archiving/restoring projects and single assets with Kumulate storage
  • Fixed: Temporary paths were not removed when importing single assets
  • Fixed: CVE for bindata.

Strawberry 6.2.5

2021-06-01 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Improving the Archiware P5 archive integration
  • Do not allow to archive external libraries
  • Fixed: CVE for Puma.
  • Fixed: CVEs for rails
  • Fixed: GPL violation by mimemagic
  • Fixed: Do not update Rubygems on installation

Strawberry 6.2.4

2021-02-09 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Changed: Allow Skies access with Safari on iPad and macOS
  • Changed: Allow downloading high-res versions of plain images and audio Assets via Skies
  • Fixed: Trash is not cleared automatically after the configured retention duration
  • Fixed: Deleting a Gallery creates a lot of Asset deletion notifications
  • Fixed: Final deletion of Projects which had been archived at some point in the past failed

Strawberry 6.2.3

2020-12-08 | Improvements

  • Improvement: Use session IDs when archiving/restoring with Archiware P5

Strawberry 6.2.2

2020-12-03 | New Features | Changes | Bug Fixes

  • New: Ingest Libraries can now be configured to "ignore" or "suffix" the names of ingested files when these names create a conflict with existing file names
  • Changed: Markers extracted from Premiere project files no longer use the Strawberry projects last_opened_by as the creator if no name was specified in Premiere
  • Changed: Markers of audio tracks from multiple file MXF assets will no longer be synchronized to or from Premiere, fixes notification spam caused by those assets
  • Changed: Lowered queue priority of ReencodeAssetJobs to ensure Indexer jobs are not starved
  • Fixed: Size of external libraries was not updated properly
  • Fixed: Indexer did not consider files that changed in size but not in mtime as changed which - in some cases - resulted in broken proxies
  • Fixed: Creation time of annotation was not preserved when an Asset was linked/copied to a Project/Gallery
  • Fixed: Slack integration did not work with Slack applications created after June 10th, 2020
  • Fixed: Proxy structure conversion did not finish for assets that were moved after the previous proxy was created
  • Fixed: Race condition when sorting the templates in the admin panel
  • Fixed: Searching through the global notification list in the admin panel did not work
  • Fixed: Download of multiple high-res media files did not work
  • Fixed: some cosmetic issues and typos in the front ends
  • Fixed: Vertical tabs stopped reacting when comments or markers were saved using "shift+enter"
  • Fixed: Various Centos 6/8 and RHEL 6/8 installation issues

Strawberry 6.2.1

2020-10-27 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Improvement: We have revamped the Strawberry trash logic to ensure that the trash retention period also applies for archived and deleted projects
  • Improvement: The "Delete Trash" button in the admin panel now immediately deletes all files in all trash folders instead of running a trash deletion job
  • Improvement: Assets removed via the UI are moved to the trash
  • Improvement: Strawberry's Archiware P5 integration now covers more status reports from P5, ensuring that all archive failures are detected properly
  • Fixed: Installation issues on CentOS 6
  • Fixed: Multiple parallel proxy reencode processes could lead to broken proxies
  • Fixed: The Skies "local server redirect check" would cause mixed content security warning, which prevented proxy playback (redirect check is now only executed when local server is using HTTPS)
  • Fixed: Logins via "Review Links" or "Galleries" invitations via Skies failed with no error message when the user was not granted Skies access
  • Fixed: The seat count was off-by-one in SEM

Strawberry 6.2.0

2020-09-18 | Major Release


    • Mutliple Open Projects & Sessions
      The “Multiple Open Projects” feature enables editors to open multiple projects simultaneously without having to connect them in a parent- subproject relationship. Sessions ensure, that users can save their current working state (currently open projects) on logout and load that state when they log back in.
    • Deep Search Filters
      we have introduced new search features, enabling deep metadata searches and allowing for more complex search operations across projects and media assets. This helps editors find their assets and projects more quickly.
    • New Proxy Encoding Preset
      Strawberry 6.2 offers a new proxy encoding preset called “Same as Source”. When enabled, all new proxy files will have the same resolutions as their HighRes counterparts. This new preset is recommended when Strawberry is used for approval workflows and remote editing via Skies.
    • Automated Error Tracking
      Administrators can now configure Strawberry to automatically send error messages and exceptions to the Projective support team.


    • Bulk-Downloads for Proxy Files
      Strawberry users can now download multiple proxy files in a single download operation
    • Folder Imports for Remote Editors
      The Skies Adobe panel now allows editors to import the contents of entire folders as editing proxies
    • Bulk-Releasing of Gallery Assets
      Gallery managers can now release multiple Gallery assets in a single action
    • Push Gallery Feedback to PAM
      Gallery managers can now push individual annotations of a Gallery asset back to it’s Strawberry PAM source asset. This way, reviewer feedback can be made available to the editor who originally submitted the asset to the Gallery
    • Share via Email Links
      Individual review links shared via email can now be opened on multiple devices simultaneously
    • Proxy Support for atypical Audio Files
      Strawberry can now generate proxy files from media assets that have a different number of audio channels in their audio tracks
    • Notification for “Project Close” events
      Users can now receive notifications when other users close their projects. Additionally, these notifications are also available in the global event log, enabling Admins to measure the time that an editor has spent on a project on a given day
    • Active Directory Security Groups
      Strawberry now allows filtering AD/LDAP users based on Active Directory security groups
    • ACL ID Preference
      Strawberry now supports inheritance for POSIX ACLs and allows to set an ACL id preference for NFSv4 ACLs (uid or username)
    • Support for CentOS 8 and RHEL8
      Strawberry can now be installed on the latest CentOS 8 and Red Hat 8 versions.
    • Dependency Updates
      We have updated Ruby, NGINX, and many other dependencies


    • We have fixed a bug that caused Indexer caching operations to not work properly
    • We have fixed a bug that caused Indexer failures when umlauts were present in the Strawberry project name and in a name of an Adobe Premiere project file name within that Strawberry project
    • We have fixed a bug that crashed the indexing process when Unicode incompatible metadata values existed for an asset
    • The Audio codec is now shown in the metadata tab of media assets
    • We have fixed various errors related to project deletions
    • When downloading a proxy preview of an image sequence, Strawberry now downloads the proxy preview instead of a single frame of the sequence itself

Strawberry 6.0.6

2020-07-20 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Improvement: 64bit inodes are now supported
  • Improvement: Do not boot application when a "local" guard file exists in the strawrage root directory
  • Improvement: More "pamctl" subcommands for dockerized application
  • Improvement: "pamctl" backup_logs for the dockerized application works when the application is not started
  • Fixed: Dockerized application fails to start after a fresh installation

Strawberry 6.0.5

2020-05-20 | New Features | Bug Fixes

  • New: Upload content to the on-premise system via the Skies Panel
  • Fixed: Indexer never finishes working on Projects with broken TIFF files
  • Fixed: Permission errors when downloading high-res media on certain NFS mounted storage
  • Fixed: Search index update job ran too often
  • Fixed: Premiere not being able to access linked files under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Shift+select does not include the first asset in selected range

Strawberry 6.0.4

2020-04-23 | New Features | Feature Improvements | Bug Fixes

Strawberry 6.0.3

2020-02-26 | Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: We have fixed a bug that randomly caused project close operations to hang, resulting in an inifite "please wait" load in the frontend

Strawberry 6.0.2

2020-02-24 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • New: Enforce content security policy
  • New: Capability only allows users to submit assets to a gallery that they are a member of
  • Changed: All installations need a new v6 license
  • Changed: Users are forced to log into the application after changing their password
  • Changed: "Share" links can only be opened by one user/browser at a time
  • Fixed: Scroll position is reset in in-project search when project attributes change
  • Fixed: Incorrect timecode for assets with and without drop-frames framerates
  • Fixed: Frontends not loading in Chrome 80+

Strawberry 6.0.1

2020-02-04 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • New: Enabled Skies as a beta feature
  • New: Role filter in the admin panel user list
  • Changed: Disabled timecode burnin for new installations
  • Changed: Reduced the capabilities of the Share role
  • Fixed: Permission error when uploading a custom watermark image
  • Fixed: Exception in the indexer caused by an incompatible encoding

Strawberry 6.0.0

2019-12-12 | Major Release


  • Galleries 
  • Skies Beta
  • Asset Expiration
  • In-App PDF Preview
  • Support for macOS Catalina
  • Support for the Quobyte File System



  • Searching through markers from within the annotation view now also searches through user names
  • Administrators can now filter users by their role
  • .stream & .lck are now on the factory deny list for assets


  • Users can now change their passwords within their personal user settings or via an email reset link. For this reason, new users are now prompted for an email address 
  • Users now see a warning when they attempt to login with the same credentials as another user who is already logged in
  • Strong passwords are enforced for users who are attempting to login to Strawberry via SKIES


  • UI: Parent- & Subprojects are no longer shown inside the expanded project. Instead, they are now shown inside a dedicated tab.
  • UI: Preview thumbnails of proxy files can now be as large as  216x121px, compared to 144x81px in previous versions.
  • UI: The proxy thumbnail now indicates what kind of metadata an asset has
  • Video Player: Videos can now be paused or played back just by clicking on the video preview. It is no longer required to click on the related button.
  • UI: Admin can now set custom hyperlinks for the Strawberry logo and for the “help” button inside the Admin panel


  • We have fixed a timecode calculation bug that occurred with drop frame material
  • The “Subscribe to Asset” button was not shown in the asset “Info” tab
  • When a file is moved inside a project, that file appeared in the new and in the old location
  • Avid .mxf files names starting with the numbers “1337” caused problems when closing a project (Classic Mode only!)
  • Selecting multiple assets by using a “lasso” did not work in the asset view
  • When deleting a project in some previous version, proxy files have not been deleted along with it.  We have fixed that bug and also added a script that removes proxies of deleted projects retrospectively
  • We have addressed “FailedLockAcquisition” errors

Strawberry 5.6.11

2019-11-14 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Proxies of deleted projects are not removed
  • Added script to prepare permissions of proxies for the next major release
  • Added script to fix ACL permissions of projects

Strawberry 5.6.10

2019-10-14 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • CIFS ACLs: Enable inheritance to avoid the need to chmod the project contents
  • Frontends: Show full asset name in tooltip shown in project contents list view
  • Fixed: Renaming a custom metadata select field option applied the new name to all projects/assets using that select field
  • Fixed: AtomicCounter never reset itself
  • Fixed: Sequences with very long integer ranges could not be indexed
  • Fixed: Errors in indexer batch cleanup could cause projects/libraries to get locked thus not be indexed anymore
  • Fixed: Indexer was unable to delete multiple image sequences in one operation

Strawberry 5.6.9

2019-09-18 | Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Proxy encoding for assets with "muxed in video" audio tracks
  • Fixed: Breaking change on CentOS 7 that prevented the installation of ghostscript

Strawberry 5.6.8

2019-08-05 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • New: Add support for CIFS ACLs on the storage
  • Fixed: Searching for phrases that include terms shorter than the min search characters cause an exception
  • Fixed: EXIF metadata extraction is incomplete
  • Fixed: Indexer getting stuck on certain JPEG files
  • Disallow reindexing of library ingests that have a watchfolder configured

Strawberry 5.6.7

2019-06-20 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • New: Allow to modify the "artifact exist" action for existing archive strategies
  • New: Libraries configured without an existing ingest path will not be cleaned anymore
  • Frontend: Projects are now sorted based on the last database modification time, not the last interaction time
  • Preditor: Improved the accurateness of the in-sequence clip volume slider
  • Fixed: Linking assets to a project created notifications for mentions in descriptions and markers
  • Fixed: Deleted assets were not always properly pruned from the search table
  • Fixed: Metadata updated by the indexer was not reflected in the frontend to due missing cache invalidation
  • Fixed: Description tab in the annotation view is not visible in FireFox'

Strawberry 5.6.6

2019-04-30 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Note: Reset saved search tabs and log out all users
  • New: Status flag names can now be edited via the Admin panel
  • Frontends: Closing the advanced search settings now resets the search options to the defaults
  • Frontends: Find projects and assets via the projects status flags
  • Fixed: Renaming a project does not properly update its proxies
  • Fixed: Searching for quoted terms did not work for all attributes
  • Fixed: Default role for new users is not selected in new user creation modal
  • Fixed: "Mark all notifications as read" button does not work for all notifications
  • Fixed: Access rights only given to visible users/teams when creating a project

Strawberry 5.6.5

2019-04-04 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  •  New: Allow to configure user email addresses in the admin panel
  • Preditor: Disabled broken AAF export
  • Fixed: Custom metadata dropdowns do not work when multiple dropdowns have the same options
  • Fixed: Users get personal access rights to projects when given access via a team
  • Fixed: Disabled checkbox state not visible
  • Fixed: Searching for terms shorter than the min search characters settings causes an exception

Strawberry 5.6.4

2019-03-13 | Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Source path of external libraries was not changeable after creation
  • Fixed: OPEN button in project list not being click-able in basic view
  • Fixed: Boolean (especially negated) search terms not properly working in the project search
  • Uncheck all enhanced notification in settings when feature is not available

Strawberry 5.6.3

2019-02-14 | Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Manually subscribing to an asset is no longer possible
  • Fixed: When the number "10" is present in the Timecode, an additional zero appears in front of it
  • Fixed: The video progress bar is not visible when in full-screen mode
  • Fixed: File retrieval requests for archived assets cannot be canceled
  • Fixed: It is not possible to mention users when editing an existing annotation
  • Fixed: Clicking on the name of the open project does show more projects than necessary
  • Fixed: Archiware P5 archive plans ID's are not saved in the database
  • Fixed: Minor database migration issues
  • Fixed: "Edit already exists on the server" message being shown for new edits

Strawberry 5.6.2

2019-01-15 | Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Certain project metadata are not shown when in list view
  • Fixed: Directories inside projects are not sortable by name
  • Fixed: Previewing proxies in full screen mode does no longer work with Chrome 71
  • Fixed: When attempting to drop an asset into a Preditor sequence, the "drop zone indicator" does not snap to a sequence track
  • Fixed: Database migration can fail if the old database includes many generic files
  • Fixed: Administrators can remove an edit that still has a project open
  • Fixed: A bug in the Nginx configuration causes the Preditor logo to disappear
  • Fixed: Archive and retrieval operations fail on symlinked strawrage root

Strawberry 5.6.1

2018-12-18 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Adobe Panel: When importing a Preditor sequence into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the sequence file and its related media assets are now imported into a dedicated "sequence bin"
  • General: When limiting the asset search scope to a specific metadata field (e.g. "Markers"), the user interface only shows assets that have metadata in that specific field
  • Shared Edits Mode (SEM): POSIX permission updates can now optionally be disabled when a project is being synced by the user or automatically
  • Fixed: The "Rename Project" button is enabled even if multiple projects are selected
  • Fixed: Frozen projects can be mounted in Shared Edits Mode (SEM)
  • Fixed: Filtering assets by a specific file type does return unrelated file types

Strawberry 5.6.0

2018-11-28 | Major Release

  • New: Visual Frame Highlighting & Task Completion
  • New: Customizable User Interface Branding
  • New: Media Composer Marker Export
  • New: Improve search index update speed and responsiveness by replacing Manticore Search and MariaDB with PostgreSQL
  • Adobe Panel: The proxy preview and the asset description field are now in separate tabs
  • Adobe Panel: Automatically close proxy preview when switching between search tabs
  • Adobe Panel: Support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and After Effects CC 2019
  • Adobe Panel: Maintain folder structure when importing Assets into a selected Bin
  • Admin: It is now possible to define a “Default Team for New Users” which helps to define “PAM entry points” for AD/LDAP users
  • Archive: Better archive and retrieval error resilience
  • General: It is now possible to detach archived subprojects from their parent
  • General: The video preview inside the annotation view now uses the full space of the frame it is in
  • General: Additional playback speed steps for the video player when pressing the “L” key multiple times
  • General: More bulk-selecting options in the Admin panel
  • Communications System: New dedicated notification for “Folder Copy to”
  • Preditor: Undo/Redo function for timeline changes
  • Search : Separate search filters for xmp, xml and technical metadata fields allow for more granulated searches
  • Shared Edits Mode (SEM): Implementation of NFSv4 ACLs
  • Shared Edits Mode (SEM): Configurable default ACL permissions on project creation
  • Shared Edits Mode (SEM): Strawberry system folders are now inaccessible to standard users by default
  • Shared Edits Mode (SEM): Trash Folder Protection
  • Watch Folders: The performance of Ingest Libraries has been improved
  • Watch Folders: It is now possible to choose from a variety of file integrity checks for ingest libraries
  • Fixed: Attempting to link of a folder with an image sequence does not link the sequence
  • Fixed: Adobe markers are not updated when linking an asset that already exists in the target project
  • Fixed: Table header hiccups when switching between list view and grid view
  • Fixed: Custom asset metadata is not being copied along with the source asset
  • Fixed: Linking assets from an external library always copies even if linking the file would have worked
  • Fixed: Wrong media file size is shown when an XML sidecar is associated with the file
  • Fixed: External libraries appear as empty when the mount point to the external storage is inaccessible
  • Fixed: License validation does not work properly in Centos 7 environments
  • Fixed: “last modified” value for projects is not being displayed in Shared Edits Mode
  • Fixed: Admin users are unable of removing project access from the project creator
  • Fixed: Image sequence burn-in label says "jpg" when it actually is “dpx”
  • Fixed: The installer does not properly update MediaInfo to the latest version
  • Fixed: Markers show “<br>” instead of an actual line break
  • Fixed: The CLI command “Fix proxies that remain in progress” exits with a “no method “error
  • Fixed: Force closing a project in Shared Edits Mode (SEM) from the Admin panel does not close attached subprojects
  • Fixed: "show/hide assets with this extension only” does not work for in "in-project" search
  • Fixed: Exporting a sequence as an .AAF file results in an “undefined method” error
  • Fixed: Users with no access to certain projects are able to gain access to those projects via subprojects
  • Fixed: Projects retrieved from the archive in Shared Edits Mode (SEM) do not get the proper permissions set once the retrieval has been completed
  • Fixed: Copy To does not ignore MacOS system folders and other special folders
  • Fixed: Metadata view in user front end is sometimes cut off
  • Fixed: Metadata values can not be selected for copy & paste purposes
  • Fixed: Proxy file creation fails for .mxf files that only include audio
  • Fixed: ViewFarm worker changes can not be properly managed via the Admin Panel

Strawberry 5.4.3

2018-10-17 | New Features | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Add API key-based authentication method
  • Allow to mark annotations as completed (Requires the enhanced version of the "Communications System")
  • Allow renaming projects
  • Add new Archiware P5 archive strategy which is faster and supports retrieving single files from the archive (requires P5 >= 5.5.5)
  • Add Avid compatible asset annotation export
  • Frontend: Show timecode overlay and video controls also in full-screen mode
  • Show a warning before deleting Custom metadata fields, sets and dropdown values that are in active use by projects and assets
  • Unlock search indexer on startup to fix indexes not being updated after a crash
  • Add MergeSphinxIndexJob to increase the update performance of the search index
  • FIX: Wrong timecode causes XLS annotation export to fail
  • FIX: Asset indexer never finishes when running into a symbolic link "loop"
  • FIX: Asset retrieve notification not working
  • FIX: subproject folder "leaking" into the main project
  • FIX: encoding issues when extracting umlauts from MXF clip names
  • Frontend FIX: Prevent resize issues when leaving full screen

Strawberry 5.4.2

2018-06-18 | New Features | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • Add Slack integration for the Communications System
  • Switch from Sphinx Search to Manticore Search
  • Improve API documentation
  • Allow Administrators to change and override the default notification settings for new users or all users
  • Allow assigning projects to users in the "Manage Users" section of the Admin panel
  • Create edits automatically if they don't exist in Shared Edits mode
  • Improve project deletion performance
  • Showing Warnings when switching a library to the watch folder type "external"
  • FIX: Removing a subproject triggered a status update notification
  • FIX: "Edit directories missing only on some storages." in Shared Edits mode
  • FIX: MacOS: Lost permissions to the project volume after adding a template to it
  • FIX: Do not send asset deletion notifications when a project is deleted
  • Frontend: "Copy to" and "Link" asset operations no longer block the Frontend
  • Frontend FIX: Sections in the admin panel contracting without user interaction
  • Frontend FIX: Opened project name being cut off in the Windows Client
  • Frontend FIX: Prevent user & teams in project list from losing focus
  • Preditor FIX: Prevent proxy preview window from resizing unnecessarily

Strawberry 5.4.1

2018-05-17 | Improvements | Bug Fixes

  • FIX: Trash deletion in shared edits mode
  • FIX: Do not send duplicated notifications when being mentioned in a description/annotation notification.
  • FIX: Modified files sometimes do not update the assets size/video/image/audio attributes
  • FIX: Mandatory asset custom metadata field prevent project creation
  • FIX: Premiere metadata extraction not working for clips imported from a share via the media browser
  • FIX: Large xmp: Thumbnails XMP metadata values causing assets not being indexed
  • FIX: Template deletion in the admin panel
  • FIX: Editing dropdown custom metadata fields in the admin panel
  • FIX: Annotation replies not being synchronized to other clients in real time
  • FIX: Archive tooltip not being updated properly
  • FIX: sb metrics command on new installations
  • Allow sorting annotations by different attributes
  • Make switching between assets in the frontend smoother

Strawberry 5.4.0

2018-05-07 | Major Release

  • The Communication System
  • New Search Tabs and Advanced Search
  • Asset-Based Custom Metadata
  • Proxy files created with Strawberry 5.4 now include all the individual audio tracks from their high-res media asset.
  • Avid-style bin locking for Windows
  • The Strawberry user interface got a big facelift. We renewed all project and asset icons, redesigned the project list and implemented dozens of smaller tweaks to further enhance usability & visual clarity.
  •  We restructured the Admin panel to create extra room for the new feature settings
  • Avid Media Composer™ 8.9 or newer has introduced the requirement of project .avp files to have the same name as the folder they are in. This causes issues with .avp files stored directly inside our standard “project” folder, leading to an Avid “Cannot open Project” error. We changed the automatic folder naming to comply with this new Media Composer requirement
  • Preditor now has a “snap to timeline” function. Additionally, we optimized its video caching capabilities for smoother editing.
  • The download of annotation .PDF’s does no longer require an email address. PDF’s can now be downloaded via the new notification feed
  • Users can now toggle between list and grid view on the fly, regardless if they are in the global project list, asset list or even inside an individual folder.
  • Project names now can now have a minimum length of two characters. Additionally, the project name field for new projects is no longer mandatory when the checkbox “Create Project Name from Metadata” is enabled.
  • We updated the Javascript render engine for the Strawberry client application to create a smoother user experience
  • We optimized the way in which Strawberry sends & pulls information to & from its database, leading to notable performance improvements in regards to file indexing
  • The Strawberry 5.4 client application requires at least macOS 10.11 (El Capitan). MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks) & 10.10 (Yosemite) are no longer supported
  • The Strawberry 5.4 Adobe CC panel extension requires at least Premiere Pro CC 2017 and After Effects CC 2017
  • FIX: We fixed a bug that caused a “Failed to save project on storage” error because of missing trash folders
  • FIX: We addressed an issue that caused the Sphinx search daemon to crash under certain conditions
  • FIX: We fixed a bug that prevented the download of the annotation .PDF file