Strawberry 5.6 accelerates collaboration in post production with Visual Highlighting and improved third-party integrations

Berlin/Amsterdam, 12 September 2018

The latest version of Strawberry software now offers new Visual Highlighting, Task Completion, and improved Archive Optimization. All of this paired with a new integration into SLACK and Marker Import into Avid Media Composer takes team collaboration to the next level.


Visual Highlighting and Task Completion

While Strawberry has been used for approval purposes before, the new Visual Highlighting and Task Completion features make this process more visual and accurate than ever before. Now, producers, artists and clients can draw on the previews to highlight specific areas, instead of just commenting on them.

Visual Highlighting becomes particularly handy for Visual Effects, Color Grading, or approval workflows, where it’s often necessary to draw attention to a particular part of a frame. Tasks can also be assigned to different artists who can mark them as completed once done. Visual Highlighting includes a variety of shapes and a freehand tool, a predefined set of highlighting colors as well as undo, redo and delete functions.

These drawings are visible to other users, and thanks to Strawberry’s Communications System (released earlier this year) editors can be notified as soon as a producer or a client has highlighted any changes. This greatly simplifies the process of approval and improves turnaround time.



Archive Optimization 

Version 5.6 of Strawberry offers improved Archive Optimization by extending duplication prevention to the archive. Before performing the actual archiving process, Strawberry analyzes each file to determine its physical uniqueness. This unique value is then stored inside the Strawberry database.

If, in another archive operation, Strawberry finds a file that has the same value as a file that is already in the archive, Strawberry does not archive that file again but puts a placeholder in its place. This placeholder is only a few bytes in size and is referenced to the physical media file that is already in the archive. If a user restores a project with a placeholder in it, the placeholder will be replaced with the actual media file.

As a part of the new Archive module, FlavourSys updated their integration into Archiware, Object Matrix and Xendata archives.


Slack Integration

Strawberry 5.6 now seamlessly connects into SLACK, the industry leading collaboration hub. This integration links Strawberry’s project-based communication into the broader corporate channels of SLACK. This builds an efficient communications pipeline from approval workflows to content-focused discussions to real-time system & task monitoring for Administrators.

The Strawberry SLACK Bot pushes relevant information & tasks to the right users, ensuring that everyone stays up-to-date about their creative projects and media assets. In combination with Strawberry’s Communications System, users can also mention each other or even clients in comments & annotations, ensuring that the relevant people get notified individually. The Strawberry SLACK Bot also has the ability to send web links, ensuring that people get pointed to the correct asset with the click of a button.

“Many of our customers have been asking for better ways to collaborate across various functions and creative applications,” mentions Marco Stahl, Product Owner for Strawberry. “The drawing tool delivers that and paired with our communications system allows designers, editors and producers to contribute more visually and with this work more effectively.”


Marker Import for Avid Media Composer

Last but not least, Strawberry 5.6 also enables Avid users to import markers into Media Composer as XML files. Using this feature, Strawberry feedback can be directly imported into the Avid NLE. Commentary, logged information, for instance for subtitling or tagging purposes, can now be directly imported and viewed from the Media Composer suite. This greatly simplifies the feedback process to the editor sitting in the suite, saving valuable time.


FlavourSys will exhibit at IBC in Hall 8 at booth E33.



About FlavourSys

FlavourSys is an independent company founded on the principle of delivering innovative software products designed to improve the day-to-day workflow of any content production company. Strawberry, a production asset management application, was created by editors for editors with independence, efficiency and flexibility in mind. Recipient of the 2011 IBC Broadcast Engineering Award, Strawberry originated as in-house software created in a live production environment at a German Television facility. Thus, the requirements of stability and reliability were also ingrained in the product from inception. For more information about FlavourSys solutions, visit or connect with FlavourSys on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.